Body Shop

A body kit will put a new spin on your vehicle and revamp it for a more unique look. Modification and customisation of your vehicle is a great way to express your own style, and the right choice of bodykit can greatly enhance both the looks and the aerodynamic performance.

The Yiannimize team are on hand to help you make that choice. You can choose from one simple enhancement to an entire makeover for the body of your vehicle. We have fitted numerous body kits for many types of vehicles. Some body kits we’ve fitted in the past include: Revere London (Range Rover Vogue and Sport kits), Overfinch Kits, Kahn Kits, Hamann Body Kit, Strut Kits, Premier 4509, RinSpeed, Mansory and many many more…

Colour coding and brake caliper painting is another option of modification. Many standard vehicles often have plastic or exposed textured plastic panels, such as on side skirts, bumpers and on A and D pillars. Our colour coding scheme allows you to point these regions to enhance the vehicles appearance. Having your calipers painted with our ultra-high-temperature paint can further enhance the overall look of your alloy wheels.


  • Brake Caliper Painting
  • Crash Repairs
  • Vehicle Resprays

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