Custom Interior

Custom Interior

Yiannimize interiors are more than just skin deep… All our interiors are custom built to spec, often with personalised touches. (Such as names / company logos and player numbers stitched into headrests / mats etc…). We also work very closely with Revere London, and are able to offer their bespoke interiors.

We have sourced the finest materials, and use some of the best craftsmen in the business to bring you unsurpassed quality. Here are some examples of our leather interiors…

We don’t just stop at leather re-trims either! We also change interior plastic / wooden panels to your specification. So if you have a dull center console/cockpit why not enhance it by changing your panels to either: Carbon Fibre, Polished Aluminum, Grand Piano Black or even also skin it in leather to match your seats?


Why not treat yourself with the latest top-of-the-range in-car technology. We give you the chance to travel in style by offering:

  • Mounted TV screens / Cinema flip screen
  • DVD player installation
  • Reversing Cameras / Parking Sensors
  • Sub Woofer Installs and Audio Enhancements
  • Bluetooth Hands-free Kits