Yiannimize has been wrapping cars for over 10 years, we’ve always hired through word of mouth and recommendations but now we’re widening the search. Known for wrapping luxury cars and supercars, with a global online following of over a million people, we’re now looking for a new Car Wrapper to join the team.


We’ve asked anyone interested in joining the Yiannimize team as a Wrapper to submit a video via the TAKE PART page. Yianni and Bert will sit down and watch every genuine video entry to select the entries they feel are the best candidates to join the Yiannimize team.


Yianni and Bert now split up, Nicco joins Yianni while Mark joins Bert. Candidates will have 5 minutes to wrap a small BMW car part in Avery Dennison vinyl while being watched by both teams; Yianni/Nicco and Bert/Mark.
After each Candidate wraps, Yianni/Nicco and Bert/Mark must position that wrapper in order on their Board.
Once a group of 10 Audition, Yianni/Nicco and Bert/Mark will take it in turns to eliminate 1 Candidate each from the bottom of their lists until FOUR are out.
When all 40 have Auditioned and 4 have been eliminated after each group, 24 Candidates will remain.
Yianni/Nicco and Bert/Mark will then alternate Draft Picks until they have SIX Wrappers joining their team. The Final 12.


Twelve wrappers are presented with their Avery Dennison Toolbelts, DeWalt Heat Guns, Neilsen Tools Mats and Juicy Details Car Care Kits. They will then go through 4 rounds of car wrap challenges on 5 BMWs from BMW Park Lane in new Avery Dennison vinyl colours. Judged on speed, skill, team work, attention to detail and finish, wrappers from both teams will be eliminated until there are only 2 remaining.


The Live Finals will take place inside BMW Park Lane‘s luxury showroom in London. This is where the challenge and pressure really steps up. One wrapper will then be crowned The 2018 Wrap Job Winner, awarded £1000 cash and offered the full time job at Yiannimize.


Starting early January 2019 the winner will be thrown straight into the deep end and start working on high end luxury car wrap jobs. He/she will be on camera and fully involved in Yiannimize YouTube content and have Advanced Application Training at Avery Dennison Graphics Centre in Milton Keynes.