Hopefully this answers some of your questions about The Wrap Job series, we’ll add more as they come in.

Why do entries have to submit a video?

With the ‘Yianni Supercar Customiser’ TV Show and the Yiannimize YouTube channel, all the wrappers in the unit are required to be on camera.


I live outside the UK, can I still enter?

If you live outside the UK, you may still enter however, we can NOT sponsor you and you have to make sure you can work legally in the UK by January 2019 IF you win. You will also be required to be in Enfield, London for the Auditions (Sun 11 Nov), the Rounds (Sat 01 – Sun 02 Dec) and the Live Finals at BMW Park Lane (Wed 19 Dec).


I have a job already with another wrap company, can I hide my identity?

If you can prove you work for another wrap company we’re happy to keep your identity secret. You will have to submit a normal entry video then wear a mask and use a ‘character’ nickname for the Auditions.


I have no experience in wrapping, but this is my dream job! Is there any point in me entering?

Absolutely. We’re not just looking for the greatest wrapper in the world. We’re looking for passion, performance under pressure, eye for detail, potential, professionalism and work ethic. You’ll also have various training and guidance along the way. We want everyone to have the best chance.


Are you only hiring the overall winner?

The overall winner will be offered the full time job and win the prize money plus full training. There is always a possibility that we make additional offers to others too.


Are there any junior or apprentice positions?

Once we have a new Full Time Wrapper we will be looking for a new junior. However, we will most likely look at those who made it to the auditions to offer this role to first.


How much is the salary?

This is a full-time job. The winner will be paid more than the average full time wage for a similar wrapper job at any other company in the UK. Not self-employed or freelancers.


I am a professional, qualified wrapper with experience and would like to apply direct for this role.

We are currently only hiring for this Car Wrapper position through The Wrap Job.


Why don’t you just advertise the job online and hire the conventional way?

We are looking for someone who is very passionate about this life. We ideally want someone who is familiar with Yiannimize and understands the culture. We saw this as a way to open the opportunity up to find someone special who isn’t necessarily a wrapper by trade but generally skilled with their hands.

If your question is not answered above please email [email protected] with subject ‘The Wrap Job FAQ’